Everything You Need to Know About Lyle & Scott Knitwear

Everything You Need to Know About Lyle & Scott Knitwear

Through our near-150 years of history, one thread is woven deeper into the fabric of our heritage than any other: knitwear.

From our first pieces made in the Scottish Borders to our most recent collections, men’s and women’s knitted jumpers and cardigans are a cornerstone of what we do.

Here, we pick out some highlights from the last 149 years and look ahead to what the future holds for our collection of knitwear...

Humble beginnings

William Lyle & Walter Scott joined forces in 1874 to create the brand you know and enjoy today.

Lyle & Scott initially started making knitted underwear, but their passion for their craft meant the brand’s reputation grew and grew...

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Golf and the One Ronnie

After launching our first golf range and a new logo in the 1960s, the Golden Eagle and the popularity of our knitwear soared to new heights in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

While golfers like Greg Norman and Gary Player were performing on the course wearing our knitted jumpers, Jack Nicklaus won the 1978 Open Championship wearing the Golden Eagle. An unlikely style icon was born on television too...

The Two Ronnies, starring Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett began in 1971 and featured various comedic sketches. One of the highlights of the show was Ronnie Corbett’s armchair monologues when the diminutive comedian would tell a long and hilarious story, but it wasn’t just the jokes that caught people’s attention.

A huge fan of golf, Ronnie Corbett was often seen sporting one of our knits and he became synonymous with our Golden Eagle. Corbett’s sense of style, inspired by his love of golfwear and the international Dandys, became a movement of its own.

The popularity of the Two Ronnies and the success of golfers wearing our pastel and Argyle garments opened up our brand to a whole new audience, including the aspiringly stylish working-class movement known as football Casuals.

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Knitwear collaborations

As well as cementing our own legacy in knitwear, we’ve also helped grow the reputation of some of fashion’s biggest designers, like Michael Kors and Christian Dior, who we worked with on selections of women’s knitwear in the 1950s and 1980s.

More recently, we’ve partnered with British brands who share our love of knitwear, like Universal Works and Oi Polloi.

Where are we now?

Fast forward to today and knitwear is still an integral part of what we do and who we are. Although styles have changed and trends have come and gone, the need for premium quality knitwear remains.

Our history is an important part of who we are now and shapes new collections. This season’s knitwear, for example, takes inspiration from Grunge rock, our golfing heritage, roots in Scotland, and more.