Celebrating 150 years of British design interwoven with many iconic moments, Lyle & Scott was founded in humble circumstances by William Lyle & Walter Scott in Hawick, Scotland, in 1874, masters of high quality knitted underwear.


Their principle was simple, “Good work, makes more work”. Do something well and people will trust you and come back. The philosophy served the brand well and as the world evolved, so did Lyle & Scott, going on to produce high quality men’s and women’s knitwear in the 1920’s, leading to collaborations with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior.


The iconic golden eagle was then born in the 1960’s, following a gentleman’s agreement with the equally iconic Gleneagles golf club, and the knitwear legacy led to the development of the original fashion golf brand, which progressed to the Casuals culture of the 80’s, and the birth of British indie culture in the 00’s.The last 10 years have seen Lyle & Scott surge onto the global stage, with a key focus in Europe and more recently moving into Asia; establishing itself as a leading British lifestyle brand, championing equality and diversity.


Whilst retaining the iconic golden eagle, our branding devices have evolved with greater focus on our elevated ranges, bringing a new sense of identity, one that puts innovation, quality, and craft back at the heart of the brand, using the lenses of tailoring, military and sportswear… the staples of British design.